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Joe Abraham and Christine Negherbon are here to help you succeed. 

We believe in going all out.  We believe there is genius inside every single person.  And we believe in making a difference with our art (and making some noise!) while we are on this planet! L
earn our proven system for mastering your acting career, your life, and your finances, and you will be free to audition, book more work, and leave a dent in this beautiful universe of ours.

It is time for an acting career without "life" getting in the way. They didn't teach you this in school, but there's a secret -- it doesn't have to be a struggle.

Joe and Christine have been appearing on Broadway, television, and Hollywood feature films for over two decades and counting. Whether on stage or on screen, they share how to not go crazy (or broke) in the process of building your career.





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We started THE THRIVING ARTISTS because we love artists, and wanted to use our vast experiences as professional actors to help you get ahead. 

We come from small towns outside of Harrisburg, PA and have had massive successes on Broadway, television, and feature films.

After performing in just about every venue imaginable we share our years of experience (and proven methods) that enable you to thrive artistically and financially... all while doing what you love!

Often we get asked, "Isn't your career hard?"

And our answer is simply, "No. It's just matter of doing the right things."​


We want to share those things with you.

So grab a copy of your FREE EBOOK and start using what we know to help you.

What you want IS possible, and you have everything to gain.​..

Keep Thriving,

Joe, Christine & The Thriving Artists Team