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Forget You Ever Heard The Term

"Starving Artist"

The Thriving Artists is on a simple mission... to completely remove the term "starving artist" from the dictionary. Starving artists do not make it in Hollywood, and they do not make it on Broadway! How we as a community came to accept this term, or in some cases almost celebrate the lifestyle, is a mystery to us... and the time has come for change.


Gone are the days where a group of the most talented people on the planet (read: artists) must be relegated to living off of a shoestring budget and stretching a bowl of pasta into meals for three days.


The key, is INFORMATION. Those who have it, get ahead... those who do not, end up in obscurity or struggling their entire lives. We are all much too talented for that to become our fate.


We created The Thriving Artists to help our entire Broadway and Hollywood community take control of their finances, their art, their internal growth... and in doing so, help take control of their lives.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We are sure you will find many things useful on your journey of success. Join our mailing list for ongoing promotions, seminars, and updates!


Keep thriving!

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