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Come and learn what thousands of highly successful artists know and are already using to propel their careers to new heights! We know it can (and if properly used, will) help you on your journey to living as a Thriving Artist!


The Thriving Artists is currently required or recommended reading at Penn State University, DeSales University, University of Alabama, Shenandoah University, and Austin Paey State University with more on the way very soon.


This text offers you the essential framework for building a sustainable artistic career by sharing how to:


- Clearly define and envision the artist you want to be.
 - Make yourself a success magnet.
 - Build habits and a mindset that top paid actors have.
 - Easily navigate auditions, marketing, and networking.  
 - Effectively manage your money and make it grow like crazy
 - And so much more... 


If you want to be fearless in your art… if you want to grow your network full of powerful contacts… if you want complete control and freedom over your finances… this is the book for you!

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