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Joe Abraham

Christine Negherbon

They started with nothing and have made it... so can you.

Joe Abraham and Christine Negherbon both come from a small town in Pennsylvania and have been successfully working in show business for over 20 years. They have amassed a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to make it as an actor both on stage and screen.

Between Joe and Christine they have worked in just about every venue possible; their work has been seen on Broadway, Regional Theaters, National  Tours, International Tours, Network Television, and Hollywood Feature Films. All along the way they did it while raising two boys, moving from New York to LA, saving money like clockwork, and paying a mortgage...on time!

Joe and Christine continue to grow their careers and are passionate about empowering actors everywhere on how to build and sustain a successful life in show business.

Working with Joe and Christine is the best kind of one-two punch. They both have a vast knowledge of show business that is 100% up to date because they are still actively working as actors. So the information they have is current and students always receive the latest tips and trends in the industry.

They are both enthusiastic, engaging, and committed to every student they work with leaving empowered in a new way. No more sitting around waiting for something to happen... their students make things happen.

And finally, Joe and Christine have created a proven system where students learn exactly what to do, how to quickly make adjustments, and blast forward with ease and excitement.

"What's extraordinary about Joe and Christine is that they have already "made it." They are where every aspiring actor strives to be. How generous of them to give us not just a peek into life as an artist, but the whole shebang--access to the show business world, surviving and thriving as a working, intelligent, creative artist. An unmissable team. Bravo, Joe and Christine."

Sue Gilad: voice over artist, entrepreneur, real estate millionaire Author - "Copy Editing and Proofreading for Dummies", "The Real Estate Millionaire"
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