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The most comprehensive show business course available today.

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Do you want to audition more and book more work?  Show Business Mastery enables you to do just that by teaching you to master your life, career, and your finances as an actor.

If you want a joyful life, a long resume, and money in the bank... this is exactly what you've been looking for.

"You guys have everyone else beat. I couldn't find anything else that seemed to remotely compare with the vast amount of information that's in The Thriving Artists book and Show Business Mastery course."
- Cody Walker:
Head of Musical Theater Program, Weber State University

There's a reason why so many actors give up, and it's not because they aren't talented. It's because they didn't know what life demanded of them outside of just working their craft. It's because they weren't organized and didn't know what to do next.  It's because they learned how to work their art, but never learned how to manage the demands that life put on them.    

So don't just read the book and hope for the best.  Allow Joe and Christine to personally guide you through this entire process and make your career, life, and financial goals a reality faster than you ever imagined.

What you get

1. The Thriving Artist Book: The 215 page book that started it all and has students and major universities all over the country looking at their artistic careers in a whole new way.

2. The Thriving Artists Workbook: Over 150 pages of insights and exercises designed to get you clear, focused, and making your dreams a reality. No fluff... only what works in the real world.

3. 5 Disc Audio Guide: Joe and Christine take you step by step through their proven process and give further insight into each section so you get the most out of your experience.


“Within five months of working with Joe and Christine I booked a recurring role in the feature film franchise, Independence Day Resurgence! I also learned how to manage my finances and saved enough money to join SAG-AFTRA seven months earlier than my original target date! I am so grateful to be where I am now and I highly recommend Show Business Mastery to any actor looking to make big things happen.”

-- Jenna Purdy, Actress

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